VirtualSky – the name speaks for itself. VirtualSky simulates weather effects, using information on location, time and wind speed, to create the illusion of the sky inside any room. Furthermore, the implementation can project arbitrary data sources (images, video, etc.)

New Oculus Rift projects and videos

To the start of the new semester you should get an update about our current projects. Under the topic VRTheater two applications have been developed that are using the Oculus Rift DK1. The first one with the name “A Ghost

VR Pong

This semester we were busy working with the Oculus Rift and possible applications for the HMD. For example, we had the idea of implementing webcam tracking in ​​our Oculus Rift application. After the first drafts we started the subproject ScrapCap.

Multi-Touch Table: Cube and Geo-Fun Applications

PPT Control via Leap Motion Controller

Now online! Our first results in a short video: This video shows our application to controll a PowerPoint presentation with the Leap Motion Controler. It is a small part of our Motion Sense Suite, developed by students of the VRlab


“BOTS” is the working title for a computer game currently being developed by Kevin Meergans within the VRLab. The game was designed as a serious game aiming not only to entertain its players but to teach, inform or train them

Evaluation and comparison of the Kinect, the Xtion and the LEAP (Hardware and Software)

Is the productive use of controlling applications via Hand gestures already suitable? A practical comparison of the possible productive usage of the Microsoft Kinect in contrast to the newer Asus Xtion Pro. Our Use Case is to control applications with

(Deutsch) Gestenerkennung im 3D-Raum mit WorldViz

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

FacePuzzle version 2 Kinect/Xtion/Leap Motion

Currently Arkadius Weister and Stanislas Mauser from the VRlab Team WS 2012/2013 works on a new development for the FacePuzzle application. The application will run with the Microsoft Kinect , the Xtion Pro from Asus and the Leap Motion Controller

VRlab Kinect

In addition to the development of new ways in interaction, the VRlab takes care of the investigation and evaluation of new technologies from the entertainment industry for their applications in computer science environment. Currently, the Vrlab is working on an

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