New Oculus Rift projects and videos

To the start of the new semester you should get an update about our current projects.
Under the topic VRTheater two applications have been developed that are using the Oculus Rift DK1.

The first one with the name “A Ghost Trip” leads us in a Dungeon in which you can control your character via Microsoft Kinect. In some floors terrible dangers are lurking for the player and only the right passage leads to freedom! Who is brave enough to find the exit?

The second application “The Room” additionally uses the WorldViz tracking system of the VRLab. The Movement of the character is solely done by tracking a infrared sensor, applied to the player. “The Room” seems harmless on first view, but surprises are waiting everywhere.

You can now get your own expression of both projects and VRPong in moving pictures.
On our YouTube Channel there are three brand new videos about the projects. Have Fun!

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