Study information day and open day 2014

As usual the University of Reutlingen opened their doors to the public on their annual “Studyday” and “Openday” in november, and the VRLab presented their different project in the field of “Virtual Reality”. When the visitors entered the building 9, they were welcomed by the LED-Matrix of the “Virtual Sky” Project by Dominik Waas. More than hundreds of interested visitor’s took a chance to dive in the Virtual Reality of riding a roller coaster with the Occulus Rift. Other projects which where presented by the master students where different Applications on the multi-touch-tables, the ambient-lightning installation, a 360 degree move-able camera head, a 3D-Printer and lots of other things to “gaze in wonder” and tryout.

articel from the university of reutlingen

some impressions:

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