VRLab Projekte

Lego Mindstorms NXT

Since 2009 we are experimenting with Lego Mindstorms in the VRlab. The robotics can communicate by Bluetooth with each other and other Bluetooth compatible devices. That allows the interaction of the robotics with WorldViz. An actual project is the control of robotics by gestures that are recognized by WorldViz. A seeking scenario is an autonym …

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3D- Video Transformation

The Project 3D Video Transformation is working on an implementation for three-dimensional video conferences. Therefore, the first step is to develop in Webcam quality and later use HD-format. Based on Microsoft DirectShow, that is part of DirectX, two images of average eye separation of an installed Webcam-/HD camera should be sent with the help of …

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3D-Model Manual

The 3D model manual offers the possibility to access a collection of 3d models from course by the tracking system and show this in VRlAb stereoscopy. The system recognize black-white marker in the 3d model manual with the help of a standard webcam. This manual is similar to a common photo album. Instead of photos …

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Floor presentation

An information terminal should be set up in front of the VRlab. Students and visitors of Reutlingen University can get information about the VRlab and stereoscopic techniques.

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