Informatics Inside 2017

On May 10, 2017 the annual Informatics Inside took place in the university’s auditorium. Matching the conference motto Interaction Design, the Virtual-Reality-Laboratory presented an interactive poster with information on virtual reality in general and various projects from the lab. Altogether the conference

Invitation to the study information day and the open day

Once again this year, the VRLab will open its doors on these occasions. All visitors are cordially invited on Wednesday, the 22. 11. 2017 from 17 to 20 o’clock, to the master information evening and on Saturday, the 25. 11.

New Oculus Rift projects and videos

To the start of the new semester you should get an update about our current projects. Under the topic VRTheater two applications have been developed that are using the Oculus Rift DK1. The first one with the name “A Ghost

VR Pong

This semester we were busy working with the Oculus Rift and possible applications for the HMD. For example, we had the idea of implementing webcam tracking in ​​our Oculus Rift application. After the first drafts we started the subproject ScrapCap.

New equipment – Tridelity autostereoscopic 3D-Display

New equipment arrived! The SL3000va is a autostereoscopic 3D-Display build by Tridelity. The display allows the spectator to see a three-dimensional picture without having to wear glasses. The included demo video leaves a good impression and we are curious to

New video of current projects with the Oculus Rift

You can find a new video in our YouTube channel, which shows you our first demoapplications with the Oculus Rift. The “Holzsteg” demo was developed in Unity Pro, the rollercoaster with help of the Unreal Development Kit. The applications provide

(Deutsch) Virtueller Rundgang durchs VRlab möglich

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