Diese Projekte wurden abgeschlossen und werden derzeit nicht fortgeführt.

TUI my Child

Project Participants: Sinem Cicek Celik Elif Hizli Jasmin Profus Benjamin Batt Claudia Bräuer Since the beginning of the 2017 summer semester, the VRLab team is working on a game for children. The game with a tangible user interface is designed to instil social skills in children’s team skills early on and to promote them. Aspects …

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The Plank – reloaded

The Plank is a virtual reality application that tries to create an experience as immersive as possible. Therefore it puts the user on a small wooden plank over a 40 meter deep canyon to trigger the fear of heights. A realistic virtual world, combined with the real experience of a plank in the room that …

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MTT Transfer

MTT Transfer is an application for the multitouch devices in the VRLab. It enables user to send images from smartphones, using an Android app, to one of the touch-tables. Images on the table can be viewed and manipulated using touch gestures and eventually send back to the connected smartphones.

Remote Robot Head

The remote robot head is a fully controllable camera stand, able to move in any direction. It can be controlled by an Oculus Rift, using the sensor data to point the camera in the viewing direction of the user. All head movement is applied by the stand’s motors, giving the user the illusion of being …

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