JumpAR — Augmented Reality Platformer

Maren Klimm, Dominik Walczak, Daniel Ayen:

JumpAR — Augmented Reality Platformer
CHI PLAY ’19 Extended Abstracts: Extended Abstracts of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play Companion Extended Abstracts
October 2019
Pages 261


The puzzle and dexterity mobile game JumpAR combines well-known Jump n’ Run elements with the opportunities of Augmented Reality (AR). The goal of the game is to complete a parkour of platforms with a character and to collect rewards on the way. But with one trick – the construction of the level is done by the player themselves. The bases of the different platforms and obstacles are placed in the real-world surroundings of the player. These then get augmented on the mobile device and form a parkour through which the player must maneuver the character to successfully reach the exit platform. This highly interactive game leads to individual creative game areas wherever the player starts to build the parkour: on the floor, on a desk or on even on the lawn. It can be played either alone or in groups and allows both, a collaborative and competitive gameplay by creating challenging parkours for oneself or others.

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