VRlab-Kinect Facepuzzle

The VRlab Team presented the Microsoft Kinect on the Informatics Inside in May 2011. The functionality of the Kinect was presented based on two applications named Gesichtspuzzle and Sinbad. The embedded YouTube clip shows these both applications in action.
In contrast to the application Sinbad, which is only an example provided by the OpenNI SDK, is the Gesichtspuzzle application developed by the VRlab Team. The application splits the shown image into four areas (brow, eyes, nose and mouth) and waits of wipe gesture. By swiping in one of the four areas, the image part of the desired area will be replaced by another picture. So if a swipe gesture over the eyes area was performed, so the actual shown eyes will be replaced by eyes of another person. There are no changes on the other three images

As input interface the Gesichtspuzzle use the microsoft Xbox Kinect.

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