Android VRlab-Remote Control

The Android Vrlab- Remote Control serves as a remote control for hard and software systems in the VRlab. With the help of the remote control, the backward projection system can be accessed by two video projects as well as query information about their actual configuration.

Furthermore, with the help of the Remote Control you can adopt the keyboard or mouse control of the projection pc and start predefined applications like Tracking software and stereoscopic movies. Special attention was laid on the remote control of the lighting- and audio system.

The wireless communication between mobile device as client and local pc as server is done via W-LAN. The video projectors are controlled by the serial interface of the client. The regulation of the lighting system is controlled by DMX-Protocol. Audio- and mouse control is transferred to the server system directly.

The aim of the remote control is to integrate components as much as possible into VRlab to get a central control over one device and avoid the using of multiple remote controls.

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