The VRLab

Virtual reality, interactivity and the projection of three-dimensional content are the cornerstones of VRlab project. Outfitted as a modern laboratory, it offers students at Reutlingen University in the degree program “Media and communication computer science” to experiment various possibilities:

There are two technically different projection systems are available that enable three-dimensional video and computer data in such terms that the viewer a spatial image impression.

The basic principle of both systems is that two projectors one image of the same scene from slightly different perspectives onto a screen (corresponding to the distance of the human eye). Special filters in front of the projectors and in the glasses of the observer shall ensure that at each eye only the right perspective image is transmitted.

These projection systems are used in courses and also serve as a demonstration model for interested companies and other educational institutions.

The aim of the project is to expand the range of functions continuously to optimize display quality and to expand the opportunities for interaction. In addition, contacts are made and deepened to research and industry.

Virtual tour of the laboratory

A virtual tour of the VR lab allowed Christian Butz with his bachelor’s thesis, which he created in the winter semester 2008/2009. In the animation, the projects of VRlabs are presented that were current at that time.

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